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​Our Discretionary Wealth Management Mandates allow the establishment of a diversified portfolio tailored to your needs, risk aversion and expectations. Our proactive approach optimizes your returns in a fast moving financial environment. We are truly independent and give you access to a wide range of fund providers, securities and banks.​


Our Portfolio Management System (PMS) provides a global overview of your assets' performance, allocation and more, regardless of your custodian banks. You can access your portfolios by currency, strategy, or custodian and easily identify anomalies in order to re-align the allocation.


​Our Portfolio Management System (PMS) allows us to monitor your portfolio(s) and ensure that your banks or investment managers apply the tariffs you have negotiated. We can also verify that all deductions (e.g. stamp duty, custody fees, brokerage fees, etc…) are correct.

Discretionary Portfolio

According to your personal situation, risk aversion, needs and expectations, your portfolio managers select the best-in-class investment vehicles. The equity investments are done through listed investment funds, based on open architecture. We select the investments to reach a proper diversification to mitigate the risks whilst reflecting our outlook. You have constant access to your portfolio manager and full transparency.

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At the heart of our operations, our IT systems are the key to our efficiency. Gain a fast and secure access to your relevant financial information thanks to our innovative online systems.
Management Dashboard

The Management Dashboard is a powerful tool to access and sort portfolios by currency, strategy, custodian or indeed any other criteria. It assists in the identifying of discrepancies and the realigning of allocations.

Web Portal

The Web Portal offers a range of tools and features that facilitate the tracking of asset performance, provides a comprehensive overview and allows transactions to be reviewed. Its robust system enables you to merge multiple portfolios into a single customizable report.

Secure Messaging

With security being a growing concern, we have implemented a secure email exchange system with powerful authentication. All emails are stored on our servers and you can manage folders as with any other webmail service.